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Drains again
When we first moved in the neighbours mentioned that the drains had a tendency to block; the builder's slightly puzzling decision to run them up hill may have been a factor...

Of course they are blocked again although to be fair I think this is only the forth time it's happened.  As the last time this happened it cost £100, I was very pleased to discover our BG Homecare agreement now included drains.  Bad news is that after experiments that included tearing up next door's decking to get at their manhole, he announced that the problem was with a shared drain and thus Yorkshire Water's problem not their's.  YW not having the greatest of reputations, I am now waiting to hear from them with some apprehension.

Dynorod guy said

  • Had manholes up on my property.

  • Plunged drain and saw levels rock

  • Flush next-door's toilet with their manhole open

  • Next-door's water levels rocked


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