mattbean (mattbean) wrote,

A Weird Moment

It's a weird moment when you find your children suddenly solving problems instead of causing them.

I'm home by myself this evening.  Thessaly is staying in a friend's caravan for the night and Vicki & Kassia are at the theatre.  They very nearly weren’t.  Let me backtrack a bit and explain.  Around January, Vicki discovered that "Mama Mia!" was coming to Hull New Thetre.  For anyone in my circle who's been living under a rock, "Mama Mia!" is probably Kassie's favourite show.  She thinks she has seen the film more than seventy times!  In comparisons she's only seen "The Greatest Showman" about 4 times although the album must be in the twenties or thirties.  Anyway Vic wanted to buy tickets as her big birthday present this year and I was tasked with obtaining some.  This was not straightforward.

We didn't realize that a popular show would be essentially sold out 4 months in advance.  I asked about returns and was advised that there were already people waiting and anyway returns for a show like "Mama Mia!" were very rare.  I guess people sell them to touts.  However, eventually I discovered that there were still seats set aside for disabled people.  Even better a carer could go free.  Problem solved I thought.  No.  First I had to go down to the box office, which turns out to be nowhere near the theatre, with all Vic's documents, to prove she was entitled to such a ticket.  To be fair they did agree to reserve the tickets in the meantime.

Then I discovered that the reserved disabled seats weren't actually seats, they were just somewhere to put a wheelchair.  Now, although V has often needed a wheelchair, we don't currently own one.  I solved this problem with a 'phone and the internet;  the Red Cross are happy to lend them out it seems.

So, we buy the tickets.  The tickets arrive.  We put the tickets on the mantlepiece with the date, 22nd June, firmly engraved in our memory.

You may notice that it is not in fact the 22n of June.  At about half four today Kassie absent mindedly picks up the Tickets and says, "Mum, these tickets say the 2nd of June!"  Panic ensues.  We don't have a wheelchair.  Everywhere we could borrow one is closed.  Is there even time to get there; when does the show start?

Then Thess says, "My friend Charlotte's Dad has a wheelchair he doesn't use much.  He's really nice.  Do you want me to ask him to borrow it?"

All, "YES!!!!"

Thess, "Dad, can I have a lift to Charlotte's house?"

And with that the crisis is over.  The day saved by Thessaly and her ever expanding net of "oh, just a friend"s.

Tags: kassia, mama mia!, thessaly, vicki
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