Reading Marcus Aurelius I came across an idea I liked.  He basically said that every day is just a series of lesson.  There are no true disasters,  there are lessons to learn from, trials to strengthen us.  Not in the way that Lewis meant, there is no god torturing to us to make us "better" by some arbitrary standard.  It is simply that we can choose to see things in this way.



I realized this morning that I've never actually seen a sunrise before. I mean, I've looked at the morning sun, low in the sky, and said, "That's pretty" but that's not the same. This morning I sat on the sea defences on Bridlington North Beach and watched it all the way through from a pink sky with wisps of cirrus clouds to the first gleam of the sun above the sea, to half the sun to the whole disk. It was only then that I realized that I'd never watched this before. It made feel, suddenly, terribly old.

This is why Yorkshire Water has the reputation that it has...

Yesterday I got home from work to find a card from Yorkshire Water.  I said that they had been doing work in my area.  It said that they had conducted a camera inspection of the drains.  It said they had cleared a blockage in the drain/sewer.


By this morning, our downstairs toilet was working again!  So all fixed right?

Not exactly.  This morning Paul came round to ask what we'd heard from Yorkshire Water.  Now their drains are blocked instead!

Drains again

When we first moved in the neighbours mentioned that the drains had a tendency to block; the builder's slightly puzzling decision to run them up hill may have been a factor...

Of course they are blocked again although to be fair I think this is only the forth time it's happened.  As the last time this happened it cost £100, I was very pleased to discover our BG Homecare agreement now included drains.  Bad news is that after experiments that included tearing up next door's decking to get at their manhole, he announced that the problem was with a shared drain and thus Yorkshire Water's problem not their's.  YW not having the greatest of reputations, I am now waiting to hear from them with some apprehension.

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A Weird Moment

It's a weird moment when you find your children suddenly solving problems instead of causing them.

I'm home by myself this evening.  Thessaly is staying in a friend's caravan for the night and Vicki & Kassia are at the theatre.  They very nearly weren’t.  Let me backtrack a bit and explain.  Around January, Vicki discovered that "Mama Mia!" was coming to Hull New Thetre.  For anyone in my circle who's been living under a rock, "Mama Mia!" is probably Kassie's favourite show.  She thinks she has seen the film more than seventy times!  In comparisons she's only seen "The Greatest Showman" about 4 times although the album must be in the twenties or thirties.  Anyway Vic wanted to buy tickets as her big birthday present this year and I was tasked with obtaining some.  This was not straightforward.

We didn't realize that a popular show would be essentially sold out 4 months in advance.  I asked about returns and was advised that there were already people waiting and anyway returns for a show like "Mama Mia!" were very rare.  I guess people sell them to touts.  However, eventually I discovered that there were still seats set aside for disabled people.  Even better a carer could go free.  Problem solved I thought.  No.  First I had to go down to the box office, which turns out to be nowhere near the theatre, with all Vic's documents, to prove she was entitled to such a ticket.  To be fair they did agree to reserve the tickets in the meantime.

Then I discovered that the reserved disabled seats weren't actually seats, they were just somewhere to put a wheelchair.  Now, although V has often needed a wheelchair, we don't currently own one.  I solved this problem with a 'phone and the internet;  the Red Cross are happy to lend them out it seems.

So, we buy the tickets.  The tickets arrive.  We put the tickets on the mantlepiece with the date, 22nd June, firmly engraved in our memory.

You may notice that it is not in fact the 22n of June.  At about half four today Kassie absent mindedly picks up the Tickets and says, "Mum, these tickets say the 2nd of June!"  Panic ensues.  We don't have a wheelchair.  Everywhere we could borrow one is closed.  Is there even time to get there; when does the show start?

Then Thess says, "My friend Charlotte's Dad has a wheelchair he doesn't use much.  He's really nice.  Do you want me to ask him to borrow it?"

All, "YES!!!!"

Thess, "Dad, can I have a lift to Charlotte's house?"

And with that the crisis is over.  The day saved by Thessaly and her ever expanding net of "oh, just a friend"s.